Hello everyone! We have exciting news!

We’ll be launching a Patreon page on January 12th, 2018 at 6:00 PM PST, and along with it, a (temporarily Patron-only) Discord server! If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a platform that allows indie creators like us to receive financial support from fans like you for just as little as $1 (USD), in exchange for rewards and a community of fellow fans.

You can view the drafts of the pledge tiers and what rewards you’ll get with them, along with more information about the Discord server, under the cut.

Reward Tiers

We have planned a total of seven reward tiers that you can choose from. Every tier grants you access to the Discord server, as well as varying levels of access to the development process. Later tiers also include special credits shout-outs and discounts.

Skim Milk ($1 Minimum)

The lowest tier available for pledging. Recommended for those who just want early access to news and the server.

With Skim Milk, you’ll get:

  • Early access to public development updates
  • The special “Skim Milk” role on the Discord server and access to the Patron-exclusive category.
  • My eternal thanks
Whole Milk ($5 Minimum)

The second lowest tier available for pledging. Recommended for those who want a little more than just what’s released publicly.

With Whole Milk, you’ll get:

  • Sneak peeks with spoiler content that the public will not have access to (don’t worry – they’ll be marked with warnings, and are never major)
  • The special “Whole Milk” role on the Discord server
  • Plus early access to public development updates
Soy Milk ($10 Minimum)

A cheap in-the-middle tier. Recommended for people who want to see bigger snippets of progress and some drafts, but don’t want the surprise ruined (and for people who want credits shout-outs!)…(and discounts!)

With Soy Milk, you’ll get:

  • Sneak peeks of new characters, content, basic concepts and gameplay, and logos way before the public has access to it
  • A shout-out in the game credits
  • 25% discount on all games
  • The special “Soy Milk” role on the Discord server
  • Plus previous development access levels
Almond Milk ($30 Minimum)

A nice, somewhat expensive tier. Recommended for people who want to see the art process and a goofy title next to their shout-out name.

With Almond Milk, you’ll get:

  • WIPs of game art assets/key promotional artwork
  • A shout-out in future game credits, with a custom title of your choice next to it
  • 50% discount on all games
  • The special “Almond Milk” role on the Discord server and access to #art-wips channel, where Papaira will regularly post WIPs of game art
  • Plus previous development access levels
Chocolate Milk ($90 Minimum)

An expensive tier. Recommended for people who want to see the guts of development.

With Chocolate Milk, you’ll get:

  • Access to the full development process, including spoilers, design notes, prototypes and more
  • 75% discount on all games
  • The special “Chocolate Milk” role on the Discord server and access to the #exclusive-dev-muttering channel, where Papaira will regularly post updates on her progress, down to the littlest things
  • Plus previous development access levels and the Almond Milk tier shout-out
Pearl Milk Tea ($150 Minimum)

The second most expensive tier. Recommended for people who want free stuff and a bigger, cooler shout-out.

With Pearl Milk Tea, you’ll get:

  • A much, much larger credits shout-out, with a custom title and a cute icon of a cast member of your choosing (or a pairing!)
  • Free games!
  • The special “Pearl Milk Tea” role on the Discord server
  • Plus access to all development progress.
Pan Tres Leches ($300 Minimum)

The most expensive tier. Recommended for people who want a really cool shout-out with a custom character design, OR for businesses/other studios seeking sponsorship/partnership opportunities.

With Pan Tres Leches, you’ll get:

  • Huge credits shout-out with not only a custom title, but a custom, personal character design to go with your shout-out OR (for those running their own businesses) a public statement detailing your sponsorship and your logo at the start and end of every game
  • The opportunity for those same character designs to show up in backgrounds and CGs
  • The special “Pan Tres Leches” role on the Discord server
  • Plus free games and access to the whole development process!

Discord Server

While we’re just starting up, the MILK+ Discord Server will only be available to Patrons until the first goal, $50/month, is reached. After that, it will become public, but will still have exclusive Patron-only channels, available to anyone who pledges at least $1/month.

In the server, you’ll get a chance to speak directly to Papaira and Beignet and engage with a community of fellow fans. You’ll also get to play around with the server’s official NadekoBot clone meet our mascot, Magenta Milk!

Categories and Channels

We have a variety of channels planned for the Discord server, ranging from general chat, to MILK+ game chat, to even a Yuri channel!

General Channels

We have two general channels planned, one for, well, general talk, and another for shitposting. Both are pretty self-explanatory.

MILK+ Related Channels

All channels going in the MILK+ related category will relate to the studio in some way, whether it’s the games we’ve released, the universe the games will take place in, or just general discussion about the studio.

You’ll notice certain channels have a little lock on them. Those channels can only be accessed if you either A. don’t mind spoilers or B. finished the game in question, in which case we will give you a special role to get access to them.

Patron-Only Channels

These are currently the only Patron-only channels available, as the server, as it is now, is designed for just private access. However, after we reach that goal, there will be many more Patron-only channels available, including a Patron-only general chat.

Miscellaneous Channels

We have many other channels planned in this disorganized little category here! You can discuss anything from other visual novels, to horror, to mobage and even yuri/shoujo-ai.

Voice Channel

We only have one little voice channel and a text channel to go with it. However, if voice chat proves to be popular or everyone would like a music channel, we’ll be willing to add that to the server as well.

Magenta Milk Bot

Magenta Milk is a clone of NadekoBot, capable of running a large variety of fun commands. You can play around with her in the #botspam channel to see the full extent of what she can do, but some of her features include:

  • The ability to play a variety of games, from typing contests to Connect 4.
  • The ability to get currency (pills) and gamble it in games that let you bet any amount of pills.
  • A shop where you can buy discount and free game codes.
  • A quotes system, where you can add pictures of your bestgirl with your name as a keyword so you can retrieve pictures of her at any time

Please note that for now, Magenta Milk will not always be online, since Papaira has to run her locally from her machine. But if we reach the $250/month goal, we’ll be able to run her 24/7 on a Raspberry Pi.


That’s it! Tell us, are you interested in pledging? Or do you think there are things that could be improved on? Is there something you want to see? Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment, or @ us on Twitter.

We hope to see you at launch!


  1. I think the Pateron and discord is a good idea, but I also think that the number of tiers, and the cost of some of them are a little high.
    I think that maybe 4-5 tiers would be good.
    This is a quick example I made:
    $1.00 Discord: access to the discord, and the pateron dev update feed.
    $3.00 BTS: more behind the scenes dev stuff like concept art
    $5.00 (IDK maybe a small credit or the discount on your games)
    $10.00 Early access / Be a tester: have access to prototype builds of the game, and have a channel to give feedback on the builds.
    $20.00 Nani?? A credit??: Have your name in the credits of the game (minimum of 2 months pledged)
    And all of the tiers would include the lower tiers as well.

    • We’ve modified the prices of and deleted some tiers thanks to your suggestion! The most expensive tier is now $50, and basic behind the scenes access starts at $5. Please look forward to a tier draft update tomorrow.


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